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Shireen Szot celebrated her 10 year anniversary as a colon cancer survivor last Christmas, 2012. In February 2013, she received her 4th stage 4 diagnosis, terminal colon cancer. Team Shireen is dedicated to making her last years, the best years!!!

Shireen Szot has been fighting to beat Colon Cancer for 11 years. This battle, emotional and physical, has become her crusade and has encompassed her family, her friends and their lives.
In February of this year she was diagnosed as Stage 4 for the 4th time, except this time the disease had spread to her lungs, aorta and abdominal wall. Because it is so widespread it has become Inoperable, which means terminal. All they can do is give her palliative chemo to keep the tumors from growing out of control, to reduce pain and to give her more time to spend with us. Shireen is strong, resilient and to the amazement of her doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, Northwestern University in Chicago IL and Syracuse University, she is not only still alive, but still able to do a lot of things.

Shireen...."For 10 years, all I've done is fight to live. At first, in 2002, my odds were pretty good, but in 2006 my chances were less than 5% of making it 5 years, then it metastasized to my left kidney within a year after finishing chemo. I should have been dead then. But I pulled through it and a post surgery abscess , plus klebisella! Klebisella is a highly resistant superbug that I fought for 3 months, it killed 6 people at the National Institute of Health. I moved back to Auburn within a week of finishing the antibiotics. I did my post surgery chemo here. From diagnosis to the start of chemo it took over a year because of all the issues. Even the Mayo Clinic was baffled because colon cancer was not supposed to spread to the kidney in the manner that it had. It was a nightmare. But I had No Evidence of Disease for 4 years after that and for the 2nd time, I became the subject of several research papers at Mayo"

Elizabeth Szot (Shireen's sister)... "The last 11 years have taken an emotional and financial toll on all of us. Shireen doesn't have to do her best to be strong, she just IS that way, she doesn't complain or put a burden on anyone unless she has no other choice. But from the outside looking in, I see my sister struggling to get by, she has been very successful in her life, but every penny she's ever made has gone to medical bills or lawyers, etc. At this point in her life she can't even afford to go out to dinner, get a haircut or see a dentist, much less pursue any kind of dream or bucket list. It's very sad.

Many friends have asked, “IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO?” The answer is: "YES! YOU CAN SHOW UP TO THE HALLOWEEN BENEFIT OR DONATE!!!" Please show your love and support, we are asking for your help."

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