Jims Picks | Finger Lakes Daily News http://www.fingerlakesdailynews.com/pages/index.cfm?id=1010 Jims Picks 2014-07-22T04:33:36Z Jims Picks     Welcome to Jim's Picks! Jim Schreck from Jim and Dee in the morning shares with you some of the cool, sometimes off-the-beaten-path music he finds. ==================   Take a listen to this killer melodic guitar track! This is a friend of Jim's from Hollywood California, Eric Maldonado. ==================  Dirty Loops is a band from Stockholm, Sweden. The band is best known for doing jazz fusion covers of pop tunes. They describe their style as "Classic Jazz-Jam" or "Jazz-Step". ================== I purchased Chris Duartes first album in the 90s and became an instant fan. If you haven't heard him, you should. He played at Deweys (Clam Man's Party House) in Seneca Falls Tuesday, May 20, and will be at Abilene bar in Rochester on the 22nd. If you dig Texas guitar, don't miss this show!      Besides being an old friend of Jim's, Miche Fambro is one of the most talented people you may never have heard of. It's time to change that. This is his latest CD, take a listen! ==================   Dig this! An album on Jim's list of all-time greats, not a bad cut on the whole disc. Robben Ford is coming to Syracuse in May 2014 and Jim will have tickets to giveaway to that show. ==================  You meet the coolest people on Facebook, like Jonathan Brown. Jonathan is a Nashville guitar player, session musician, and currently seen backing backing "Rayna Jaymes" in "Rayna's Band" on the hit TV series, "NASHVILLE" . To learn more about Jonathan, click here to go to his websiteThis is his arrangement of the classic fiddle tune "St. Anne's Reel" as a finger-style composition.   ================== A friend of mine introduced me to the music of Lanterna and their dreamy instrumental music. Kick back and enjoy excellent ==================   discovered an amazing artist named Lindsey Stirling . She's an instrumental artist who combines violin, dancing and electronic music. OK, so with tens of millions of hits on youtube, I'm apparently a little late to the barbecue. If you haven't heard of her either, you should. http://www.youtube.com/user/lindseystomp ================== "Bernhoft", full name Jarle Bernhoft, is a Norwegian singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and lyricist.This is him performing all of the parts live into a digital recorder known as a "looper". Looping is a popular composition and performance tool. Jim is a big fan of both the artists and Bernhoft! ==================    In this video Imogene Heap, utilizing a looping recorder, creates an entire composition using just her voice and handclaps.   ================== Here's another cool looping video featuring  Theresa Andersson ==================   Andy Rehfeldt creates parody songs using the original vocal of the tune, to turn pop artists into heavy metal, and metal bands into lounge jazz! Here's Adele as you've never heard her before. ================== A song for Facebook addicts. Preach it!   ==================    This is Adam Rafferty, a very talented finger style and jazz guitar player. You've heard us play this cut in the morning       ==================   ***House concert!***   The band "Junior Doctor" played a house concert in Geneva Wednesday July 24th, and Dee and I were there!     Paul from Geneva contacted the band to play for his fiancée's birthday, and invited anyone else to show up Wednesday night. The band played from 7 PM-8:15 PM and signed autographs after that! Find them on facebook Here    Visit their Website too!  Here's their last video     ==================   Blame Kelli Ward for this earworm! The video just makes me smile.   ================== A couple years ago, a friend of mine sent me a link to a Serbian musician named David Maxim Micic and his EP called "Bilo".For lack of a better descriptor, think Middle Eastern inspired progressive rock with jazz influences.  (Click here to check that out) Guest vocalist on that project is a woman with an angelic voice named Aleksandra Djelmas     Here is an original song by her. ==================  This came from an evening of amazing accidental discovery: first, a super talented young guitar player and Berkeley student named Maddie Rice, taste technique and tone! Then, checked out a session she did with an artist named Drew ofthe Drew, a funk bassist/dub step artist-producer which was totally sick! The vocalist on that session, Joanna Teters, blew me away with her Soulful smoky voice.   ================== This is Jim. You heard me speak of my friend Joel from California, while here he is. When was the last time you saw a solo bass player singing a blues tune incorporating tuvan throat singing?. Here, that's where!  A full Band arrangement can be found on Joels CD called "82 Feet of Water". Click here to check out Joel's disc.  I (Jim) played a guest guitar solo on the track "Losers Treason". Click here to listen  ==================  This is an international guitar duo you've heard weekday mornings with Jim and Dee. Loren is from central New York, Mark is from New Zealand I saw them open for Australian guitarist Tommy Emmanuel, they practically stole the show! Take a look at their website here, and check out the video which was shot in Rochester during the show I attended!   ==================  A while back, I ended up dialing a wrong number and left a message. As a joke, the recipient of my message called back and it turned out to be a talented young singer from Geneva named Dana Zona! Here is her sound cloud page along with audio from the first morning we talked about her.  Oh, by the way here is another talented local musician we've featured before: Sam Ventura!  ==================                                                                                           Finger Lakes Daily News 2014-07-22T21:33:36Z http://www.fingerlakesdailynews.com/pages/index.cfm?id=1010