Finger Lakes News Radio Program Guide | Finger Lakes Daily News Finger Lakes News Radio Program Guide 2017-06-29T07:37:47Z Finger Lakes News Radio Program Guide MONDAY-FRIDAY   1-5 AM       Coast to Coast AM with George Noory 5-5:30 AM       The Talk Radio Countdown 5:30-9 AM       The Finger Lakes Morning News with Ted Baker, Greg Cotterill, and Steve Penstone 9-NOON       Brian Kilmeade and Friends 12-2 PM       Dave Ramsey 2-5 PM       Clark Howard 5-6 PM       Shannon Joy 6-9 PM       Mark Levin 9-10 PM       The Alan Nathan Show 10 PM - 1 AM       Jim Bohannon           SATURDAY   1-5 AM       Coast to Coast AM 5-6 AM       When Radio Was 6-8 AM       Business Rockstars with Pat O'Brien 8-9 AM CBS News Weekend Roundup 9-11 AM       The Credibility Report 11 AM - 12 PM       The Handyman Show with Glen Haege 12-2 PM       The Money Pit 2-4 PM       Popular Technology Radio 4-6 PM       My Cool Inventions 6-8 PM       Cigar Dave 8-10 PM       Free Talk Live 10 PM - 12 AM       The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas       SUNDAY   12-6 AM       Coast to Coast AM 6-8 AM       The Handyman Show with Glen Haege 8-10 AM       The Paul Parent Garden Club 10AM-noon       Let's Talk Nutrition noon-1PM       Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford 1-3 PM       Auto World 3-4 PM       Popular Science Radio 4-6 PM       The Travel Show 6-7 PM       The Horse Show with Rick Lamb 7-9 PM       Beyond the Beltway 9-11 PM       Free Talk Live 11 PM - 1 AM       America Tonight FINGER LAKES MORNING NEWS FEATURES 5:40 AM Ag Update with Derek Simmons, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Seneca Co. 5:45 AM Successful Farming Radio Magazine 5:50 AM Ag Radio Network Update 6:00 AM CBS News 6:17 AM Local sports update 6:20 AM Local news headlines 6:30 AM CBS News Brief 6:31 AM Your Money Now 6:33 AM Local news with Greg Cotterill in Geneva and Steve Penstone in Auburn 6:38 AM Live weather chat with Meteorologist Kevin Williams 6:41 AM Current Cast, a daily environmental feature 6:42 AM Police Beat 6:47 AM Local sports update 6:50 AM Local news headlines 6:52 AM Something You Should Know 6:55 AM Community Calendar 7:00 AM CBS News 7:04 AM Local news 7:17 AM Local sports update 7:20 AM Local news headlines 7:23 AM Clark Howard Minute 7:25 AM Living the Country Life 7:31 AM CBS News Brief 7:32 AM Your Money Now 7:34 AM Local news 7:50 AM Newsmaker interviews with Ted Baker in Geneva and Steve Penstone in Auburn 8:00 AM CBS World News Roundup 8:10 AM Local news 8:16 AM Newsmaker interviews 8:30 AM CBS News Brief 8:31 AM Local news 8:38 AM Newsmaker interviews 8:55 AM Financial Market Preview with David DeCourcey from Merrill Lynch 9:00 AM CBS News Finger Lakes Daily News 2017-06-29T12:37:47Z