WNYR 98.5FM | Finger Lakes Daily News http://www.fingerlakesdailynews.com/pages/index.cfm?id=7 WNYR 98.5FM 2015-05-25T08:39:43Z WNYR 98.5FM Birthday Winners   LOCAL MUSIC       Miss todays Nebulous Trivia?  5/22  According to a recent study, the average person under the age of 35 does THIS over 3 hours a day. What is it?Wears headphonesListen to play and win Nebulous Trivia Weekday mornings at 7:20 a.m. with Jim and Dee on 98-5 WNYR   ========== May is foster care awareness month. Learn how you can become a foster parent by clicking the links belowChild Welfare.govGlove House in WaterlooSeneca County Foster Care and Adoption Unit ==========   Congratulations to Loretta Miller of Interlaken. She knew the top 10 reasons to visit celebrate commemorate activities in Waterloo this weekend and wins a prize package including horse and wagon history tour tickets, boat tour tickets, and a pair of $25 vouchers for the celebrate merchandise table and at the celebrate concession stand.  For more information about Celebrate Commemorate activities in Waterloo New York, click the banner above. ========== MajorPalooza is being held in downtown Auburn Sunday, May 24th. The mission of Majorpalooza Inc. is to raise awareness and foster support for children in the Central New York area who are underprivileged, disabled and/or have been afflicted by a life threatening or terminal medical condition. The Corporation will also provide support to youth programs in our community. Jim Schreck will be there at the 98-5 WNYR booth from 4 to 6pm Sunday. To learn more about Majorpalooza, click the banner above.  ========== Hoopes Park has been transformed to the Healing Field of Hopes and Dreams in Auburn. One thousand American flags were installed Thursday, in anticipation of events all Memorial Day weekend. We're told Saint Joseph School, which has organized the Healing Field this year, has sold 700 of those flags. The remaining flags are available for purchase all weekend. You can buy a flag in memory of, or as a tribute to, a loved one, co-worker, or neighbor. See Pictures Here For questions please call Erin Burroughs @ 729-3177 or Cheryl Foster @ 253-3174.  Flags  are still available to purchase, please contact the school at 253-8327. ========== Beverly Animal Shelters 11th annual garage sale Fundraiser will be May 28th,29th and 30th 9am-5pm each day (NO EARLY BIRDS!!) at the Rodman Lott and sons farm, route 414 in Seneca Falls. (The site of Empire Farm days) Now is a great time to start your spring cleaning and donate your "junk" to help the animals!  Donations of good, clean, sellable items for sale are needed. The storage building is available early this year and the following items will be accepting: Household items Glassware Furniture Appliances (working) Tools Lawn & garden equipment Toys, games Books, CD's, DVD's, records Jewelry Collectibles Crafts and craft supplies Sporting goods Exercise equipment in working condition and other usable, good-condition items Please, no: Clothing, shoes Computer equipment TVs Stuffed animals Broken/chipped/non-working items We are now taking your Garage Sale item donations on Saturdays and Sundays 9am-4pm at the Lott Farm (in the smaller beige building behind the large barn where the sale is held). To schedule a time for during the week, please call Elsie at 315-539-3893.   -If you have any questionable items, please call Elsie at 315-539-3893 or the Shelter at 315-539-9357. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you in advance for your support!  VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: - Call Elsie if you’d like to volunteer! ==========   ========== If you are a regular Facebook user, never miss a special announcement from 98-5 WNYR. There's a new way to connect with your favorite radio station using the 98-5 WNYR app. Click the connect button below, so that contests and special announcements from WNYR will show up in your daily notifications. ==============================  Everyone knows Jim likes his work out, and he likes his recliner. Now two great things that go great together.    Finger Lakes Daily News 2015-05-26T01:39:43Z http://www.fingerlakesdailynews.com/pages/index.cfm?id=7